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About Made X Divine

About Made X Divine

A holding space for all things creative energy. Here is where I share my creations, creative process, and my divine creative being. I welcome all who are drawn to look around and share in the energy. Thank you.

I hope this serves you.

With Love,

Patrice Renee

Black.Berry Handmade was created to be the antithesis of fast fashion. In a world where everyone is determined to be carbon copies of one another, BBH stands out as a source for the individual.
Every item out of Black.Berry Handmade is either handmade or remixed with love to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Remixed items are created from existing materials like thrifted items or fabric scraps. A conscious countermeasure for the effects of fast fashion brands.
The debut product known as the Drip became a hit amongst those in the know! The brand has grown to include custom home decor, party props, favors, and curated gifts as well as paintings and art. 
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Divine Operation University

Divine Operation University aka Do U is a learning environment for all Creations & Creators who are tired of “supposed to”. In this space we create the life that’s really on their hearts and in the process leave the world more beautiful than we found it.

We seek a life of fulfillment, confidence, and peace in any circumstance. We believe aligning Mind, Body, and Spirit is the key to Self love. We work to declare who we are, design what we want, define where we’re going, and decide how to get there.

We move centered in Self with an understanding that we’re serving a mission far greater than ourselves. We are divine beings co-creating a beautiful world.

Through challenges, workshops, courses and coaching we will change the world by being our best Self.

Patrice Renee

Patrice is the head Creation & Creator at Made X Divine. She infuses her philosophy of individuality into all of her work creating custom art and programs for her patrons.

When she’s not creating (which is probably never) she’s on the phone with her best friend aka her sister or enjoying a homecooked veggie packed meal with her mom 🙂