Self Love 101 Workshop


The Self Love 101 mini course includes access to a video series and a digital download of the companion workbook.

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The Self Love 101 mini course includes access to a video series and companion workbook digital download.

Each of the 5 videos in the series outline a different aspect of learning to love the Self by aligning the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Together we breakdown questions like:

What is Self?

What is Love?

What is a Relationship? and more!

The 40+ page workbook includes detailed explanations of the concepts outlined in the videos, reflective journaling prompts, a list of 60+ daily activities you can do to build a better relationship with Self, and so much more!

Understanding, appreciating, and committing to the Self isn’t always easy but it’s a necessary endeavor. It’s the beginning of the journey to creating the life You have on your heart which includes cultivating the world You need for that fully realized version of you to flourish.

The first step in building any relationship is the prep work. You have to be clear on why you’re pursuing the relationship with Self. What do you hope to gain? What is the life that You want to live? The Workbook is designed to help you answer these questions and so many more.


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